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Ayam Brand Sardins In Tomato Sauce Small Oval 215gm

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Sardines In Tomato Sauce 215g (Oval)

Large pieces of selected sardines fish*
Rich tomato sauce**
Natural source of Omega-3 and calcium***

 Ayam Brand™ Sardines are from cold seas. Living in the extreme cold condition makes them fattier, juicier and richer in Omega 3. The sardine oil may appear on the surface of the sauce in the form of white particles, depending of the storage temperature. It dissolves once heated. It is natural and it is a sign of high quality sardine fish.

The rich tomato sauce provides lycopene, the strongest antioxidant that helps cell against ageing and help to control blood pressure.

100g of sardines provides you with more than 2000mg of Omega-3, your weekly needs. It's more Omega-3 than most supplement pills. Calcium and essential nutrients. Sardines contain two times more callcium than milk and also provide your body with iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, manganese, lycopene and vitamin B.

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